TOKYO UNDERGROUND TENNIS CLUB is an apparel brand created and distributed by Takefumi Sato known for the main tennis commentator for the ATP and WTA World Tours at their tennis matches broadcast on GAORA, a sports cable channel in Japan.

Takefumi has also been a professional tennis coach for over ten years, and visited many different places around the world, working with his contracted professional tennis players taking part in world tennis tournaments.

With Takefumi's great enthusiasm about tennis and fashion, he designs and makes clothes decorated with the visual motifs of tennis items by applying creative ideas through extensive knowledge obtained by visiting many different places, meeting many kinds of people, seeing a variety of valuable fashion items, being exposed to diverse cultures, listening to various genres of music and learning the diversification of values among people around the world. Creating clothes that he wants to wear not only for tennis but for everyday wear as well is the key concept of TOKYO UNDERGROUND TENNIS CLUB.

One of the logos for TOKYO UNDERGROUND TENNIS CLUB features a skull with two tennis rackets crossed. The logo looks universally recognizable in the apparel market, but it is one of a kind.

Contrary to the common classic clothing style for tennis, the clothing of TOKYO UNDERGROUND TENNIS CLUB provides shadowy underground atmosphere.

TOKYO UNDERGROUND TENNIS CLUB drives the continuous evolution of the tennis industry by introducing the new style of clothing for tennis.

その中でスカルとクロスラケットのありそうでなかったロゴをデザインし、TOKYO UNDERGROUND TENNIS CLUBという架空のテニスクラブとして設定し、テニスのイメージとは対極な、ブラック、アンダーグラウンドな独自のイメージを追求する。